Golden Visa

Spain offers non-resident foreigners who wish to enter the territory in order to make a considerable investment of capital a great opportunity with which they can apply for and obtain the Investor Visa in Spain, together with their relatives. And likewise make its way into the European Union.

The most common ways to get this Visa are:

  • Invest in the country's public debt
  • Make an investment in bank deposits or shares of Spanish companies
  • The purchase of real estate and finally carry out a business project in Spain, considered of general interest.

What are the advantages of obtaining an investor visa in Spain ?.

The Spanish investment Visa is very popular in Europe for many reasons:

With the Spain Golden Visa, it is possible to choose between a variety of investment options, all of which are relatively affordable that will grant you permanent residence and / or citizenship.

  • Spain allows dual nationality.
  • Travel through the Shengen area without the need of a visa
  • Access to permanent residence
  • Family reunion
  • The investor residence is the only one that does not have the obligation to stay in Spain for its renewal, so that as an investor you will not be obliged to acquire tax residence

Who is eligible for the Golden Visa in Spain?

The investment visa process in Spain is not complicated and is relatively fast, as long as the necessary documentation for the process is gathered and the requirements requested are met.

All non-resident foreign citizens who wish to enter Spanish territory in order to make a significant capital investment are considered eligible to apply for the residence visa for investors.

What are its benefits?

A Spanish Golden Visa is one of the most sought after in the EU and is accompanied by the following benefits:

  • To maintain and renew this Visa, the investor will only have to enter Spanish territory at least once a year.
  • You can renew indefinitely as long as the investment is maintained.
  • Obtain a second fully legal passport.
  • The investor can obtain a residence permit in Spain after the Visa.
  • The residence permit is valid for 2 years and can be renewed as long as you have or maintain the investment made
  • If you already have a Spanish residence, you can obtain nationality. As a rule you must have your residence for 10 years, however it is only 2 years for Latin Americans.

What are the requirements for obtaining it?

To obtain the investor Visa, you must meet a series of requirements listed below:

  • Demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to make the required investment, in addition to the legal origin of these.
  • Have no criminal record in Spain and in the countries where you have resided in the last 5 years.
  • Experience in business or investment management.
  • Have an investment plan.
  • Make the required investment depending on the option chosen
  • Being over 18 years of age.
  • Have sufficient financial resources for themselves and for their family members during their period of residence in Spain

What investment options exist for the Golden Visa Spain?

To qualify for an investment visa in Spain, you must make any of the following investments:

  • Investment in public debt or financial assets worth two million euros 2,000,000 €
    An initial investment must be made for a value equal to or greater than 2 million euros in Spanish public debt securities.In addition to the established requirements, the applicant must prove that the investment has been made in the required amount, in a period not exceeding 60 days prior to the submission of the application.
  • Investment in bank deposits in Spanish entities or shares of Spanish companies for a value equal to or greater than one million euros € 1,000,000.
    A significant investment is understood as an initial investment for a value equal to or greater than 1 million euros in shares or social participations of Spanish companies or bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions
  • Purchase of real estate in Spain whose investment is greater than € 500,000.
    This investment can be through the purchase of one or more properties, whether residential or commercial.
  • Carry out business projects in Spain.
    They must be considered and accredited of general interest.

What documents are necessary?

  • Valid passport or travel document.
  • A passport-type photograph.
  • Public or private health insurance with coverage in Spain.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means for themselves and for the members of their family during their period of residence in Spain.
  • For the family members, it will be essential to provide the certificates and proofs that prove the bond with the investor (Birth Certificates for children, Marriage Certificates for the spouse)
  • Documents confirming professional and / or business activity (such as a job certificate, employment history).
  • Business and financial plan.
  • Original criminal record certificate.
  • Receipt of payment of fees.

What process to follow to apply for the Golden Visa from Spain?

Gather all the necessary requirements.
Select one of the two types of investment Visa.
Request an appointment at the nearest Consular Office Or Embassy.
Print your application.
Submit the documents to the application center and wait for the response on the issuance of your visa. The time will be 20 working days to respond to the request
Visa approval.

How to prepare to apply for the Golden Visa of Spain?

First, the visa must be requested in person or through a duly accredited representative, before making an appointment for the visa you must comply with all the requirements and present all the documentation.

Is it possible to renew the Visa?

It can be renewed indefinitely as long as the investment is maintained. For one year the investor may or may not live in Spain, without endangering his residence visa. To maintain and renew this visa, the applicant will only have to enter Spanish territory at least once a year.

Is it interesting to buy a house or home in Spain as an investment?

Among the different options established by law to obtain the investment visa in Spain is the purchase of real estate in that country, this investment can be through the purchase of one or more properties, whether residential or commercial.

The residency law for real estate investment dictates that non-resident foreigners invest a significant amount of capital and thus apply for the investor visa. In the case of real estate investment, an investment will be understood as the acquisition of real estate with an investment of 500,000 EUR onwards, the law requires that the applicant must be over 18 years of age, have no criminal record, have sufficient financial resources and comply with the requirements and documentation.

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