Furniture gift voucher

We help you turn your new property into the home of your dreams by giving you a cheque for furniture.

For the purchase of one of our properties, we will give you a furniture and decoration gift vouchers, which will allow you to personalize your new home.

You can spend this money in the facilities of Procomobel SL, a company linked to Six Seconds Properties, where in addition to acquiring the necessary furniture, you will receive all the help you need so that each room fits into the whole, taking care of each detail, thus obtaining a true home.

Procomobel has 5,000 m2 facilities where you will find furniture from the main national and international brands, as well as other custom-made items in its own factory, with the advice of interior designers, project managers and internal designer architects. From the beginning of the project, the entire team will work with you to create a unique space.

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